Appointment system for adults ONLY during COVID-19 and post-pandemic period.

First let me say, I want to make your experience of osteopathy a very pleasant one, and this pandemic has made life difficult for all of us. So apologies if this all seems complicated, it is for everyone's safety.

For data protection reasons - please do NOT email me any personal details.

For the time-being ALL appointments will be in 2 parts 1)Video/telephone consultation 2)Face-to-Face treatment - provided it is appropriate.

The fee is therefore now payable in two parts for New Patients See left.

The TOTAL is now £47 for new patients and £42 for a follow-up appointment.

Step 1) For NEW & EXISTING Patients. Please telephone me to book a consultation - this will NOT usually be at the time of booking.

Step 2) After making the BOOKING for the video consultation, please pay for this portion if you are a new patient(see Left) by using:

Click this Paypal icon to be redirected straight to Lake's, then please enter the amount, press 'next', login to Paypal as normal.

PayPal Logo

Step 3) The video consultation appointment, will include taking a full medical case history from you, asking you all about the issue the appointment is for. It might be helpful to wear sportswear for the appointment, to help with diagnosing from your movements during active testing. I will NOT be recording the video.

Your choosing to take part signifies that you are happy for me to keep written notes (fully compliant with Data protection/GDPR).

Advice will be given, for how you can self-help and/or a Face-to-face treatment booked, or other suggested action.

For you to get the best from the appointment, we need to set a time when you won't be disturbed by friends and family, just as if this was taking place in the clinic. You're welcome to have a chaperone in the room, but I need to note their presence on the notes.

Step 4) There will also be a COVID19 checking txt or phone call the night before/or morning of the appointment. To ensure you have minimal risk to me (I am in the moderate risk category) or any of my clients.

Step 5) The Face-to-Face treatment, if appropriate. Due to folowing NHS/PHE/PHW protocols there maybe instances when I'm currently not able to see you - either because you need to self-isolate as a possible COVID19 carrier or because you might be in a higher risk category. Therefore please do not pay for this part until I have given you a clinic appointment.

Please bring the cash fee or a pre-written cheque (see Left)- in an envelope please.

Once you have a clinic appointment booked, please see the new COVID19 protocols in place.

As per the protocols, as we will be spending 20-30 minutes within 2m of each other, you will be required to wear a mask for the clinic appointment, please attend wearing one. I do have a few masks available to clients at an additional £1, so don't panic if you don't have one, but please check in advance that I have one for you.

Please also bring clean socks with you to put on as you take your shoes off, and to remove after the appointment, as the floors are carpet.

Finally please bring a small clean towel for the face hole and a larger clean towel if you'd like one for your dignity. I can't provide them at this time.

Step 6) Lake will ring you later that evening or the following morning to book a follow-up by telephone, in order to keep face-to-face time minimal.

Follow-up appointments

As steps above, but shorter consultation and total £42 fee. If I have only seen you the week before, this might be a quick chat. But I will still do this prior to seeing you Face to Face, to reduce the contact time and lower risks for both of us.

Cancellation fees for clinic appointments

A 50% fee may have to be applied if you give less than 48 hours notice of cancellation.

However, please ring to postpone if you are suffering from a cold or sickness, as treatment is not good for you under such conditions. The fee will then be waived.

A 100% fee will be charged if you fail to attend an appointment without giving any notification, or give less than 2 hours notice.

Osteopathy is for all the family

"I feel like a 2 year old!" Margaret (after treatment to help her knee pain caused by osteoarthritis).