COVID19 Clinic Protocols:

This is the clinic protocol Please see Bookings page for details on video/telephone screening.

Patient: PLEASE observe the following guidelines in the interest of safety to all. Please:-
Arrive at the time of your appointment.
Observe 2m social distancing from other practitioners/patients.
Come straight from home: please have a shower and put on freshly laundered clothes for the appointment. (Lake is in the "moderate risk category", so please don't come via shopping or work).
Ensure you're wearing a mask before entering the building
Ideally wear a tee-shirt and jogging bottoms that can be worn during treatment.
Bring clean socks to put on when shoes taken off (on top of any socks you might be wearing), & a small bag to take them home in (as the clinic has carpet).
Bring a freshly laundered towel for your dignity, should undressing be necessary.
Wash hands /or use sanitiser on arrival.
AVOID using the toilet, (if you have to use it Lake will have to stop & clean it if other users are in the building).
Thank you for your consideration for Lake (your osteopath) and other clinic visitors/practitioners.

Environment: Between each patient Lake will
Leave a 20-30 min gap for cleaning & room aeration
Clean all surfaces in the room, obviously including couch, desk, chairs
Wipe any coverings on clinic pillows
Replace couch paper
Clean benches/chairs on landing
Wipe Door handles, including clinic room door, outside door, loo door & stair banisters
Wipe all pens

Osteopath PPE :
New Apron for each patient
New pair of gloves for each patient
Safety glasses, cleaned between patients
Wearing KN95 Mask cleaned per session, filters changed daily

Please note, that should I knowingly come into contact with anyone with COVID19, I would have to provide your contact details (& possibly that you had seen me as an osteopath) to the NHS Track & Trace service, as the interests of public health override GDPR & Data Protection Act. However, please be assured it is only contact details, not personal information.

You're strongly advised not to attend if you're in the 'at risk' group i.e.
- Pregnant or BMI over 35
- Over 70
- Shielding
- Have a long-term health condition e.g. severe asthma, diabetes
- Have a weakened immune system

Is a member of your household in a high-risk category i.e. shielded as considered extremely clinically vulnerable?

COVID19 Screen -
In the last 7 days - have you started to get a new persistent cough?
In the last 7 days - have you started to get a temperature or fever?
In the last 7 days - have you started to notice you can't smell or taste things properly?
In the last 14 days - have you been abroad?
In the last 14 days - has a member of your household had symptoms of COVID19?
In the last 14 days - Have you been in contact with someone with suspected/confirmed COVID-19?

In the last 14 days - Have you been at a pub / beach / protest / rave with lots of people within 2M without a mask?

Consent to receive osteopathic care

This document was read & explained to me, before attending
I understand that there is a risk of transmission of Coronavirus (COVID19) as a result of attending the clinic, for a face-to-face appointment.
I have had the chance to ask all the questions I wish to at this time.

You will be asked to sign and date this for medical records.